Andy K – Bass / lead voc, C. Schmutzer – drums / back voc, W. Volkens – git / back voc

Das Band – Programm ist max. 120 min, und komplett „live“.

Songlist (Auswahl) – Band

1. Every little thing she does is magic (Police)
2. Wrapped around your finger (Police)
3. If you love somebody set them free (Sting)
4. Englishman in New York (Sting)
5. I can’t stop thinking about you (Sting)
6. Walking on the moon (Police)
7. Message in a bottle (Police)
8. King of Pain (Police)
9. De do do do de da da da (Police)
10. Roxanne (Police)
11. Seven days (Sting)
12. Desert Rose (Sting)
13. Bring on the night / When the world is … (Sting`85)
14. Fields of Gold (Sting)
15. It`s probable me (Sting)
16. Brand new day (Sting)
17. Every breath you take (Police)
18. Shadows in the rain (Sting`85)
19. So lonely (Police)
20. If I ever lose my faith in you (Sting)
21. Driven to tears (Police)
22. Next to you (Police)
23. Can`t stand losing you (Police)
24. Don`t stand so close to me (Police)
25. Synchronicity (Police)
26. Synchronicity II (Police)
27. Shape of my heart (Sting)
28. Demolition Man (Police)
29. After the rain has fallen (Sting)
30. Hole in my life (Police)